How Much Does It Cost To Kennel A Dog?

Dog kennels are boarding facilities where people can bring their dogs and have them stay for a period of time. While there, dogs will be properly taken care of by highly trained employees who will see to it that they are fed, bathed, and exercised regularly.

It is a sad truth for dog owners knowing that they can’t take their beloved pets with them all the time. Oftentimes, a great holiday getaway can be ruined by the worry gnawing at the back of a dog owner’s mind whenever a dog is left behind.

Thankfully, dog kennels are here to offer people the luxury of a peaceful mind when traveling.

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However, dog kennels are not exclusive to boarding services only. They could also offer specialized training for dogs, teach them how to socialize, and have them engaged in all sorts of fun activities.

The Costs of Kennel Boarding Services

In this article, we will be discussing the overall costs of kennelling a dog and would give adequate focus on the factors affecting kennel boarding price.

Furthermore, this article will also feature the different options a dog owner can take when it comes to professional dog boarding services along with a simple discussion on the benefits of kennel boarding and what dog owners should consider when finding a dog kennel facility.

Typical Costs of Kennel Boarding Services

The usual dog boarding costs tend to vary depending on the dog owner’s own preference and budget. People can either choose from the following types of services offered by dog boarding facilities:

  • Dog Kennels

This is probably the most basic service offered by dog boarding facilities. Dog kennels usually include meals, water, and a small bed (oftentimes a crate made comfortable). Playtime and daily walks are also included when you avail of this service.

Dog kennels would typically cost around $35 to $100 every 24 hours. This would have to depend on the circumstances upon which you have taken your dog as well as your geographical location because some areas give higher prices.

  • Dog Hotels

In this type of kennel boarding service, your dog would be able to experience luxury at its finest complete with gourmet food, a comfortable bed, classical music, and even its own personal television. This service also includes constant supervision throughout the day, a treatment spa, and tons of doggy playtimes.

Taking your pet to a hotel may cost you around $50 to $89 per night, a worthy price if you wish to pamper your dog while you’re away.

  • In-Home Boarding

This option is for those owners who don’t want their dogs to leave the house. Some dogs are just too anxious and nervous around other people and dogs making it dangerous for them to leave the comfort of their home.

If this is the case for your dog, then a stay-at-home boarding service would fit you quite perfectly.

Here, your dog will be staying at the home of a dog sitter and the best thing about this service is that your dog will stay in a comfortable environment while it is being cared. Stay-at-home boarding services usually cost around $24 a day, a relatively affordable price due to most sitters being dog lovers themselves.

  • Pet Sitting

If you want your dog to stay at home while you’re away but still get the care that it deserves, the best option for you is to hire a pet sitter and have him/her take care of your pet at your own place.

The price for this type of service would have to depend on how you want the sitter to manage your dog. Oftentimes, the sitter would visit your dog at different times of the day to play, walk and feed it. However, if you want the sitter to stay overnight with your dog, you would need to pay more.

Pet sitting services vary in costs and can be affected by factors such as the distance of the pet sitters’ place to your own as well as their own experience and qualifications.

Usually, pet sitters charge around $20 to $50 per day.

  • Doggy Day Care

This type of dog boarding service is more affordable since your pet would board only during the day which would effectively cut a lot of resource costs.

Doggy day care facilities don’t just cater to dogs left behind by their owners for a short period of time, they also offer services to those who wish for their pets to hone their social skills, exercise, and engage in all sorts of fun activities.

Day care facilities for dogs charge by the hour, usually $29 for a single dog while also giving discounts for a second or third dog coming from the same family. Furthermore, there are a number of facilities that offer package deals to dog owners. These are highly beneficial to those who avail doggy day care services on a regular basis.

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Miscellaneous Costs of Kennel Boarding Services

The cost to board a dog isn’t only the figures mentioned above. Know that there will be a few additional costs that might come when you decide to make use of kennel boarding services for your pet.

  • Some facilities would offer playtime and walks as add-ons and thus, would be charged at least $15 apart from the designated rate. Dog hotels might charge more for spa treatments and exquisite food.
  • Baths aren’t often part of the deal and if you want your dog bathed at the end of its stay, that’s going to cost extra, usually about $15 to $30 depending on the size of your dog.
  • You would have to pay an additional fee if you want to include training and grooming sessions which maybe around $50.

Benefits That Dog Boarding Can Give You

  • Safety

By taking your dog to a kennel or any similar facilities, you are assured that your pet pooch will be kept safe while you are away.

  • Professional Care

Pet boarding facilities such as a dog kennel always trains their staff so that they would be able to effectively care for the animals they are temporarily sheltering.

  • Food & Water

Since your dog will be cared for by highly-trained staff, you are assured that your pet will be fed and supplied with adequate water on time.

  • Medical Attention

If your pet has allergies and is on medication, the dog kennel staff would make sure that it receives the necessary dose on time.

Already Decided? Here Are A Few Tips to Get You Started

  • The first thing you should do when looking for dog kennels and boarding facilities is to seek referrals. Ask a friend, your veterinarian or try searching online. Never forget to read online reviews and what everyone is saying about a particular facility.
  • Once you find a place that catches your eye, make a personal visit to check whether it has good facilities. Chat it up with the staff to see if they are friendly.
  • Dog kennels and other similar facilities would need to evaluate your pet to check whether it is safe and healthy so that other animals in the building won’t catch anything. Make sure to bring your dog’s medical records.
  • The facility that you choose should have one room for a single dog. It would be dangerous if your pet would have to share its room with another.
  • In the case your pet has a few dietary needs, ask the management if you are allowed to bring special food and medicine and if someone from the staff can administer them to your pet in your place.
  • Don’t forget to book early if you are going on a holiday trip and make sure to leave your contact number, along with your veterinarian’s, in case of emergencies.
  • Prepare your dog from the separation. Bring familiar items such as a blanket or a toy in order to make the adjusting process easier.
  • Have your dog wear its own collar as proof of identification.
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