How Much Does a Munchkin Cat Cost?

In 2013, the Guinness World Records awarded a tortoiseshell Munchkin cat from California as the world’s shortest cat alive. Its name was Lilieput and it stands only 5.25 inches tall.…


How Much Does an Asian Arowana Cost?

According to National Geographic, the Asian Arowana is currently the priciest freshwater aquarium fish on the planet. Nicknamed the “dragon fish” by enthusiasts and collectors, the Asian Arowana is endangered in…


How Much Does a Discus Fish Cost?

The Discus fish, as its name implies, is a bright round colorful disc of a fish. This docile, shy, grouping fish makes a pricey yet popular addition to freshwater aquariums…


How Much Does a Blue Lobster Cost?

The blue lobster, sometimes called the blue crayfish, gets its common name from its vivid blue coloration! But this blue-colored crustacean has no relation to the rare and stunning saltwater…


How Much Does a Zebra Pleco Cost?

The Zebra Pleco is a fish in transition in the pet trade. Recently, its home country of Brazil added it to the CITES list of Appendix III endangered species. While this does…


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