How Much Does a Pocket Beagle Cost?

Pocket Beagle (also known as “Teacup Beagle” or “Miniature Beagle”) is a breed of small dogs. It is typically 9 to 12 inches. Despite its size, it is classified as a working dog. 

It is a small version of Beagle which is recognized as scenthound with a comparable cost. It is a gentle and loving dog. However, it is known to be a poor quality puppy which is only bred for market.

The old breed of Pocket Beagle is not related to the modern one. Modern Pocket Beagle is not purebred. The real ones do not exist any longer. The miniature beagle today is below the standard beagle.

Pocket Beagles

One-Time Expenses When Purchasing a Pocket Beagle

There are a lot of expenses to consider when purchasing a Pocket Beagle. The following are listed below:

  • Actual Pocket Beagle Price

You can buy a Pocket beagle from different breeders like at at around $1,500 to $2,200. You can reserve a puppy and make a contract according to its conditions. There will be no refund in case you deposited your money but you have up to one year to wait for a puppy that you desire.

  • Shipping and Delivery

An airline shipment of $400 can be availed for your Pocket Beagle. If you want your puppy to be hand-delivered, there will be additional transportation charge. Breeders typically do not ship when the temperature is below 10F so there is a possible delay.

  • Registration

The American Kennel Club Association does not really recognize Pocket Beagles. It believes that it shouldn’t be intentionally bred to avoid health problems. For AKC, it is far under its breed standard.

It further notes that there is only one breed of Beagle which comes in two varieties. First is those standing 13 inches at the shoulder. Second is between 13 and 15 inches. But the breeders want the Pocket Beagle to be recognized.

If your dog meets the standard height of AKC, you can have it registered for $34.99 which includes the paper registration fee. You can also register it online for $30 to $79.99 depending on the type of package you will choose.

  • Obedience Training

Training is very significant for all dogs. Both of you and your dog will benefit from it. You can enroll your pet in training classes like at It offers different packages starting at $120 to $600.

If you want a private session, the same training company offers it for $70 up to $1,000.

If you are a busy person, you can drop off your dog and come back after few hours for a price starting at $30. You can also have your dog trained at home for $1,000.

Regular Maintenance Costs

If you want to buy a Pocket Beagle, here are the recurring costs you have to consider:

  • Food Costs

Since Pocket Beagle has so many health issues, it is important to make sure that it gets the right nutrition it needs. It is always recommended to give high-quality dog foods for your dog.

Pocket Beagle should be fed according to its size. You should feed it commercial dog foods for small breed like the 3.5-lb pack of Pedigree Small Breed Adult Dog Food which costs around $5.99 and Merrick Lil’ Plates Grain Free Real Salmon + Sweet Potato Small Breed Dry Dog Food, 20 lbs. for $59.99.

·         Grooming Expenses

You should brush a Pocket Beagle’s hair once or twice a week. Its ears are prone to infection that’s why you should clean it on a regular basis as well by using cotton and oil for cleaning. Also, you should trim its nails when needed.

There are also grooming services which offer different kinds of grooming like at Its services start from $45 to $152. The service it will provide will depend on the type of package you choose but most of them include bath, haircut, ear cleaning, anal gland cleaning, and nail trimming.

·         Medical Costs

Pocket Beagle bred dogs are very prone to illness like heart and ear problems, epilepsy, and dwarfism that’s why AKC does not really recommend breeding this kind of dog. Make sure that it gets the booster shots that it needs. You should go to the veterinarian every month and when necessary.

Spay/neuter costs $135 to $320 at for female and around $105 to $185 for male depending on its weight. It also offers other services like vaccines which start at $12.50 and deworming which costs around $34 to $44.

cute little Pocket Beagles

Cost Drivers of Pocket Beagles

  • Supply and demand of Pocket Beagle in the area
  • Included on your purchase, like plastic crate and veterinary check for shipping
  • The breeder where you will buy it from and their conditions
  • The age of the puppy when you ask for a reservation

Tips When Purchasing a Pocket Beagle

Here are the following things you might want to consider in buying a Pocket Beagle:

  • Since it is prone to many health issues, make sure to ask for health screenings and health certificate from the breeder.
  • It is better to adopt a fully-grown Pocket Beagle since it’s hard to know what size it will be when it grows.
  • Ask for more specific pictures of the dog that you will purchase to make sure that the breeder is really selling a dog.

Pocket Beagle should be given proper exercise such as short walks daily in order to prevent heart problems. It likes to follow scents so you should look after it and pay attention. It should also have some tags just in case it gets lost.

If you like to have a small dog, then Pocket Beagle might just be the right choice for you.

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